The World’s Most Dangerous Drugs

The World’s Most Dangerous Drugs

An interview with a physician who has helped thousands of people die in the Middle East for his own medical treatment.

The doctor is not named in the article.

This is an excerpt from a story that appears in the March 3 issue of New York magazine.

I’m Dr. Zaki, and I’m a Muslim doctor, which means I’m an Egyptian doctor, and my name is Zaki Ahmed.

I worked in the United States and in Egypt during the past few years.

I was the medical director of a hospital in Cairo, and the medical staff at that hospital treated many patients who were under the age of 45, and a lot of them had serious diseases that were treatable.

But a lot were just getting worse and worse.

They needed more intensive treatment, and we didn’t have any funds to pay for that.

So we turned to our own community, and within the first six months of working there, we treated more than 50 patients who had died, many of them children, and then they started to get better.

When I came back to the United Kingdom, my job changed completely.

I had to do a lot more clinical work and take on more patients, and it was hard.

The first time I saw my patients, I didn’t even know who they were.

They didn’t say anything.

They were very shy and kept to themselves.

It was very difficult to get the right information from them.

But then when I began treating more patients who needed more care, I started getting better and better, and now I am one of the leading specialists in Egypt.

When people talk about Islamic medicine, I feel like this is the most important issue for them.

They say, “I know this is an Islamic medicine but I don’t know what the Islamic word means.”

What does the word mean?

It means, “Forgive us for what we have done.”

So what is Islamic medicine?

Islamic medicine is based on a theory called tawhid.

Islamic medicine uses tawdih to heal and treat diseases and to protect the person from diseases, and that includes infections, viruses, diseases that cause other diseases, as well as other disorders.

In Islamic medicine and tawdh, there are different components, which are based on different diseases, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and more.

It’s based on science.

How do we study the science of Islamic medicine to see if it’s effective?

The first thing we do is look at the evidence that there is a lot that can be learned from the history of Islam.

The Islamic history is a great record of what has been done in the past, and some of it has been very successful.

So for example, the history and the development of medicine is one of great success.

When you study the history, you can see how the Arabs were able to do this very effective and successful thing.

The history is also the best source of information about the religion, so we can look at what happened in the Islamic world in the 10th century and the 9th century, when it was very important for the Muslim world to be Muslim, and there were a lot problems.

The problem was that Islam was under threat from various groups, and they used every means to stop Islam from growing.

The main problem was the use of alcohol and drugs.

So the first thing that the Muslims did was to stop alcohol, and alcohol was an issue.

They did this by saying, “This is not the Islamic way, and this is not what we are supposed to do.”

The Muslims also took drugs, because they wanted to prevent disease.

They wanted to eliminate the evil.

In other words, they wanted people to live better lives, so they started taking drugs.

One of the things that we learn from the Islamic history about the disease was that it is very important to kill people who are evil.

They said, “The Prophet Mohammed says, ‘Kill all evil people and save the good.'”

And so the Muslim holy book says, “If you kill an evil person, it is better for him to die than to live.”

So the Prophet Mohammed was trying to kill evil people.

So, we learn about what was happening in the Muslim history and then we study it.

We try to understand what had happened to the people who were doing this, and what kind of medicine was used to treat them.

So that’s what we do.

The second thing we study is about the medicine that is used in Islamic medicine.

It is called sharia medicine, which is based mainly on the Koran.

This means that there are a lot rules that must be followed.

One example is that there must be a strict set of rules about how much food and drink is allowed, and everything else.

So if someone goes for a coffee break and drinks a cup of coffee and eats a glass of milk, the coffee drinker is breaking the rules of Islam, and he must not do it again.

It must not be repeated. It

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