How the US could use neuropathy to boost its economy

How the US could use neuropathy to boost its economy

As more people in the US become more and more reliant on their smartphones, the cost of treating them with medication could increase dramatically.

A study published in the journal Neurotoxicology & Behavior found that using a drug called Nefedron to treat people with neuropathy would save about $6,000 per year in drug costs, while it would add $8,000 to annual incomes.

While neuropathy isn’t a condition that causes symptoms like fatigue or weakness, many people with the disease experience pain in their legs and lower back, making them more susceptible to other infections.

Nefedrons medication is also a common painkiller used to treat allergies and migraines.

In the study, the researchers looked at people with multiple sclerosis who used Nefeds and found that it was associated with lower rates of infection, pain, and fatigue.

While the study is just a theoretical one, it’s an important step toward improving neuropathy treatments in the U.S., where the condition affects about 8 million people, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

Nafedron has a special feature that allows it to mimic nerve signals that are produced by the brain.

That could help with treating the pain associated with neuropathic pain, as well as people with other neurological conditions.

For example, the drug could help treat people who are sensitive to certain drugs, such as opiates.

Naffdron is a prescription painkiller that is sold by Pfizer and sold under the brand name Teflon.

It is sold in nasal spray bottles or a gel form that can be used on the skin or in a cream or pill form.

Nfeds also has a range of other medicines that it offers to treat neuropathy, including some anti-depressants, anti-inflammatory drugs, antihistamines, antipsychotics, and an anti-anxiety drug called Klonopin.

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