How the Trump Administration Is Destroying Americans’ Healthcare

How the Trump Administration Is Destroying Americans’ Healthcare

A lot of people are sicker than ever, and the Trump administration has taken measures to try to reduce the cost of healthcare for them.

However, as we reported earlier this week, the administration is also trying to do away with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in a way that will likely lead to millions of people losing their insurance and even millions of Americans losing their jobs.

Now the Trump Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has released an extensive report detailing the various ways in which the ACA has been used to reduce coverage for millions of low-income Americans and those in rural areas.

According to the report, the ACA’s marketplaces have been used by approximately 3.3 million people to obtain health insurance, while Medicaid has been administered by more than 740,000 people.

The report also includes a breakdown of the ACA marketplace in terms of the percentage of people enrolled and how many people had to change plans due to ACA rules.

According the report: The ACA has reduced the number of people eligible for coverage in the marketplace and provided greater access to qualified individuals.

The ACA’s individual market has increased in size, including an average of 1.4 million new people enrolling in the individual market every month.

The individual market now covers nearly 12 million Americans.

Medicaid has expanded to about 2.1 million people.

At the same time, the number who are uninsured is decreasing as more people have access to affordable coverage.

At least 3.7 million people are enrolled in Medicaid.

In the first half of 2017, more than 6 million people enrolled in the Medicaid program.

However the report states that over the past 12 months, Medicaid has decreased by nearly 1 million people from its peak enrollment in 2015, when the ACA was passed.

The number of new people who were enrolled in an insurance plan after July 1, 2017 has decreased from 13.4 to 6.1.

This is due to fewer people signing up for Medicaid, which means the number participating in the ACA marketplaces has decreased.

As a result, the government estimates that the number that have signed up for ACA market plans has decreased to nearly 3 million.

This decrease in enrollment is largely due to the ACA rules that require a subsidy from insurers.

However as we’ve reported previously, the rules are also being modified by the Trump Trump administration to encourage insurers to offer coverage to more people.

According a report published by the New York Times, the Trump team is attempting to roll back the rules that have driven up premiums for older Americans, including a change to the rules on lifetime limits on the amount of time insurers can sell policies.

The New York Daily News reports that “Trump and other Republicans say that the rules need to be changed to encourage more healthy people to enroll and that it is ‘good for the insurance industry.'”

As the report notes, the changes would result in the “cost of insurance going up by up to $100 a month for older people.”

This would cause the ACA to become even more expensive for older adults.

The Trump administration is trying to rollback the ACA with the help of a federal agency known as the HHS Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare.

According an HHS spokesperson, “the Trump administration’s actions to repeal and replace the Affordable Healthcare Act are designed to help low- and moderate-income people afford their coverage.”

The spokesperson added that the “rulemaking process will begin with a review of the Affordable Health Care Act to ensure the law is not significantly affecting the health of low and moderate income people, including women, people with disabilities, people in rural communities, and people who rely on Medicaid for care.”

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