‘We need to stop the epidemic’ — Obama on pandemic

‘We need to stop the epidemic’ — Obama on pandemic

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA said he believes it’s time to stop treating the disease as an epidemic and start treating it as a chronic disease.

The president made the comments at a news conference in Washington, D.C., after his meeting with the president of Brazil.

The American people are sick and tired of hearing about this disease.

We need to get serious about it, he said.

And the sooner we do, the better.

Obama said he hopes that the pandemic will go away, but he added that he thinks the country is facing an unprecedented crisis in the health care sector and is in the midst of a new pandemic.

In the meantime, the president said the government will not delay care for those with serious illnesses.

He also said he was optimistic that a lot of progress has been made on the Ebola outbreak, saying he was glad that the virus is not spreading like the flu.

“I’m very encouraged by the progress that’s been made in treating people with the Ebola virus,” Obama said.

“It’s a huge challenge.

And I believe that, if we can manage it, it’s going to be a very, very hard fight.”

But he acknowledged the challenges ahead for the American people and said that the American health care system is “not immune to the pandemics.”

He said he is hopeful that as the pandemia subsides, the nation will regain its focus on public health.

Obama, who took office in 2009, has repeatedly expressed his hope that the public can get used to the idea that they won’t have to worry about the pandemaker again, but the president also made clear he believes that will be challenging.

“The public will be worried.

I think we’ve seen that in the past,” Obama told reporters.

“But we’ve also seen it in the private sector, where people are coming in with the greatest sense of relief that there’s going in.

And we’ve all seen it on Wall Street and in other parts of the country.”

On Friday, the White House said the United States had been “well ahead of the curve” in dealing with the pandems, with about half of the cases being treated in the last six months.

But it acknowledged that many patients who were in the hospital had not been tested, and some were in “extremely poor health” and needed extra support.

Obama stressed that Americans with health problems are “not alone” in their struggle, and that the federal government is working to get patients back to work.

“We are getting our people back to jobs.

We are putting our people to work,” he said, but added that the challenge for the country was that people are “still suffering, still fighting this disease.”

The president did not name any specific companies, but said that he is confident they will get back to full health.

He also said the country has been able to recover from the Ebola pandemias, saying the country’s hospitals and doctors are still “outstanding.”