How to treat diverticulum infection with medication

How to treat diverticulum infection with medication

A new treatment for diverticula infection is gaining momentum, and doctors are testing it on patients.

The treatment is called diverticulin.

It’s the latest step in the battle to control diverticular disease, a potentially life-threatening condition that can cause life-long disability.

The new medication works by blocking the pathogen’s ability to live on the intestines.

The patient gets a shot of the medicine that causes the medication to be delivered to the bloodstream.

The shot is taken from a syringe inserted in a doctor’s office, but some doctors say the shot can be taken anywhere a doctor has a syringes.

Patients will need to stay away from direct sunlight, and they will need more frequent blood tests.

Doctors are also making sure to give the medicine a low dose to prevent side effects.

But a recent study found that the new medication has significant side effects, including diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and fever.

That study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The new medication was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in September.

The drug, which is called parenteral diverticol, was tested in the lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and was approved for use in the United States in February.

The drug has not been tested in patients who have diverticulate disease.

The medicine works by preventing the bacteria from attaching to the intestine lining, making it difficult for the bacteria to survive.

The body makes the bacteria, but the process takes a long time and can be fatal.

The doctors involved in the study were able to use the medication without causing any complications to patients.

Dr. Paul J. Whelan, the director of UW-Madison’s division of integrative medicine, said the treatment is designed to be used over a long period of time to control the disease.

He said patients who received the medication in this study had no symptoms of diverticuli infection.

But Whelin said that patients who are already experiencing symptoms of the disease should be treated with a low-dose of the medication.

He also said that the treatment will not work if the patient’s symptoms persist.

The treatment is being tested on patients with diverticulocele, diverticulus, divertica, diverting colon, divertical rectal, divertyme and diverticuomata, according to Dr. Steven R. Anderson, a UW-Milwaukee gastroenterologist.

He was not involved in this research.

The researchers said the drug is safe and effective.

Anderson said he hopes that the medication will be approved soon for use.

“It’s very likely that the use of this treatment will be helpful in patients with these complications of diverticulitis,” he said.

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