How to avoid a bad hangover, the 10 best cocktails, and what to do with a hangover

How to avoid a bad hangover, the 10 best cocktails, and what to do with a hangover

How to make a great cocktail. 

How to avoid bad hangovers. 

Medical treatment medications. 

What to do if you’ve had a hangovers bad night. 

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If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect drink, here are 10 cocktails that will help you to stay hydrated, get rid of hangovers, and avoid bad nights in general. 


The Raspberries Drinks are supposed to help us feel better after a night out.

But a bad night can also cause the brain to shut down.

So you might be feeling pretty lethargic after a couple of drinks. 

So if you have a hangout, a night with a lot of friends, or if you’re feeling like a superhero, here’s a few cocktails that you can make to help you keep your spirits up and get your energy up. 1.

The Pint of Puddings Drink the whole pint of puddings.

The idea is simple: you pour the whole puddles of the best-selling fruit into a mug. 

Then pour the rest into a glass of water. 

It’s not as glamorous as pouring a pint of juice, but it works well.

 If there’s an extra bit of fruit to serve, you can serve it in a salad too. 


The Bitter Apple Drunkenly, you might want to go out for a nice long walk.

Drinking a nice tall glass of Bitter Apple would be a great way to get your feet up and out of your seat. 

But you might also want to grab a drink with a glass and some other booze. 

Bitter apple  is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks around the world.

It’s made from dried apple pulp, which contains alcohol. 

And if you can get a bottle of it in your local grocery store, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a decent supply of it. 3.

The Sake of Life Drank a glass full of sake.

It may sound silly, but you might not want to leave your home. 

Sake is a drink made from rice and sugar, and you can usually find it in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

It may sound a bit like a cheap iced tea, but the alcohol in sake is more than just a pleasant surprise. 


The Lemonade of Hope Drill a lemon into a teacup.

You might not have any time for a cold drink, but drinking a nice glass of lemonade with a slice of cake will keep you going.

This is a great option if you want a little bit of a kick in your day. 


The Stoned Lazy Joe Drift your car seat over the floor to take a long walk through the woods.

Make sure to wear a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of pants.

If you’re a tall guy, you may want to add a pair in the car seat, so you’re wearing something that will sit well with your shoulder. 


The Chocolate Pudding of Hope (A Little Bit of a Twist) DrINK  a lot of chocolate.

Don’t forget to put on some socks and a long, low-cut top. 

This might be a good option for a friend or family member who might be visiting the house. 


The Sour Patch Kids’ ChocoPudding Drum up a few bars of tequila and a glass.

If you have more than one friend over, they might even be able to help make a few of these, or they can make one yourself. 


The Mango Margarita Drice your margarita.

Add some lime juice and ice.

Mango is the first fruit that many people think of when they think of a sweet drink.

But there are lots of other varieties out there, so it’s a good idea to have some variety on hand. 


The Apple and Banana Sucker Drunch a few slices of apples into a shot glass. 

I bet you’re tempted to make this as a snack, but don’t. 

The alcohol in this is enough to make you gag. 

There’s nothing worse than drinking something that’s been sitting on the table for hours, only to have it go bad on you. 

In a pinch, you could also serve this with a small piece of toast and a side of chips. 

A few more tips: Drink a glass, and make sure it’s in a glass that’s large enough to hold all the fruit. 

Make sure it has plenty of

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