Which ‘Star Wars’ Hero Has The Best Skin? (Photos)

Which ‘Star Wars’ Hero Has The Best Skin? (Photos)

By now, the rumors about which heroes have the best skin have become a staple in the online community.

But what about those who are actually treated for the skin disease?

Here are 10 who have the most unique skin types.1.

Han Solo, Star Wars: Episode VII and Star Wars Rebels star: Han Solo has a very healthy, naturally-derived complexion.

When the Star Wars series aired on Disney XD in the ’80s, he had a deep, tan complexion.

His skin was so good that his skin care products even included “The Essential Tan.”

In fact, one of his signature products was a product called The Tanning Stick.2.

Darth Vader, Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home star: The Star Wars franchise is the first to have a female character in the franchise, and her skin was a bit more natural than most of the characters.3.

Captain Rex, Star War: The Force Awakens and Star War Episode VIII star: Like Han Solo and Darth Vader before him, Captain Rex had a slightly more natural complexion.

In fact the character’s skin was quite even, with only a bit of oily spots.

His trademark “V” symbol is also very natural.4.

Princess Leia, Star WAR: The Clone Wars and Star WAR Episode IV: A New Hope star: Leia’s skin has a bit less natural pigmentation, which makes it slightly easier to treat.

She’s also not as prone to the common type of scarring that can occur when the skin gets dehydrated.5.

Anakin Skywalker, Star Jedi: Episode IV and Star Jedi films and television series: Anakin was a Jedi during his youth, and he’s one of the most well-known members of the Jedi Order.

His complexion is more natural and he also wears glasses and a helmet.

He also has a natural, tan, slightly oily, slightly pinkish, and slightly redder complexion than the average Jedi.6.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Star Episode IV movies and television shows: Obi-wan’s skin is more naturally-colored than most Jedi.

His facial hair is a dark brown, but his skin is quite even and it has more natural pigments than most other Jedi.7.

Rey, Star Rogue and Star Rogue films and TV shows: Rey has the most natural, naturally colored complexion.

Her skin has more skin pigment than most female characters, which helps to minimize skin discoloration and acne.8.

Kylo Ren, Star Force Awakens: The Last Jedi and Star Force Anniversary movies and TV series: Kylo’s skin tones are more natural.

He has darker brown, hazel, and pink skin tones.9.

Aniseed, Star Star Wars and the Star Trek films and StarTrek: The Next Generation series: Anaiseed has a dark, almost reddish brown complexion.

She also has very natural skin pigmentation.

Her facial hair looks brown.10.

Rey (in Star Wars) and Han Solo (in The Clone War and the Clone Wars films and The Last Samurai)Star Wars: The Legend of Darth Maul (2015)

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