When an overdose puts a man in the hospital: How to help a person who is dying

When an overdose puts a man in the hospital: How to help a person who is dying

A man in Texas is receiving oxygen through a syringe because of a drug overdose.

A man in Kansas is giving his wife breathing gas because he’s breathing in the wrong room.

And in Louisiana, a man is giving oxygen to his son because he can’t breathe in the room where his son is.

In fact, the Associated Press is reporting more than 40 people are receiving oxygen on Wednesday through a needle-like device that was developed in China.

“I just want to say I was shocked and I was just so happy, and I thought this is a dream come true, to actually see it happen and to actually help a family in need,” said Dr. Scott McBride, a professor of medical pharmacology at the University of Iowa and one of the inventors of the device.

“It’s a miracle and a miracle for the family,” McBride said.

McBride and his colleagues, including his wife, Dr. Elizabeth Mac, have patented the device, and they’ve created a company to manufacture and sell it.

“We are just at the beginning stages of developing the device and we’re hoping to sell it in the near future,” Mac said.

“The goal is to get it into as many places as possible.”

The device uses a tiny needle-shaped device to inject oxygen into a person’s bloodstream.

When the person gets a needle into his or her mouth, the oxygen enters the bloodstream.

It’s also used to treat patients with respiratory diseases like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and multiple sclerosis, but it’s also been used to help those who are suffering from cardiac problems.

“The device works by delivering a tiny, needle-sized oxygen pump into the chest cavity, and that’s then injected into the person’s respiratory tract,” McQueen said.

“What that means is it basically turns your body into a pump, so that when the heart is beating it can deliver oxygen into the body,” McWilliams said.

He said his team is testing the device with a large group of people who have heart attacks or other cardiac problems, but they’re not sure how well it will work.

“There are people who may benefit from this device because they may be more able to breathe, or they may not have other problems, or maybe they are already breathing in this environment,” McBryant said.

And some patients may need more than just breathing.

The device is only available in China, but McBride says he hopes to see it available worldwide.

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