When a new disease takes hold in Australia, will they go ahead with the ECP treatment?

When a new disease takes hold in Australia, will they go ahead with the ECP treatment?

Posted September 15, 2018 09:01:25 Australian doctors have been forced to abandon a plan to give patients with cystic fibrosis a cocktail of drugs to treat the disease, following a series of high-profile deaths.

Dr Peter Hutton, the head of the National Drug Strategy, said the drug-induced thromboembolic disease (ECTD) treatment plan would have been “the right choice” had the plan been fully funded.

But the Australian Medical Association (AMA) said the treatment could not be launched as planned until the state government had agreed on funding and the timeframe to complete the development.

“We were very disappointed that the funding for the ECTD treatment has been not yet determined,” AMA chief executive Dr Andrew Hickey said.

“The timing of the ECCD treatment is now the key to making sure we have a full rollout of this and that’s why we are disappointed to hear it’s not being done in a timely manner.”

The new ECTS drugs, known as cetuximab, paclitaxel and zolpidem, are available for treatment of patients with the disease but not for those with the primary or secondary infection.

Dr Hickey confirmed the drugs had been approved in Australia but would not reveal how much they cost.

“They’re expensive drugs,” he said.

He said that in some cases, patients had been given the drug for just a week before they became symptomatic.

“You’d probably want to get them for that week, but you would not necessarily want to have them for the whole week,” Dr Hickey told ABC Radio.

“But when they do become symptomatic, then they should be taken off the drug.”

He said a decision would be made within 24 hours if the patient did not want to be treated for the rest of the week.

“What’s the best way to deal with that?

We need to have a plan for when we can actually start this drug rollout,” he told the ABC.”

This is the biggest, most complex and challenging disease in the world.”

What is cystic Fibrosis?

The disease is caused by a genetic mutation in the CFTR gene.

It affects a large number of people in Australia and affects the lungs and the liver.

The disease can also affect the brain and other body systems, and causes chronic fatigue, depression and other psychological and physical symptoms.

Dr Alan McInnes, chief executive of the Queensland Cystic Fibrotic Society, said he was hopeful the decision to halt the ECSD drugs rollout would not mean that patients would be put off from going to the doctor.

“It’s very important for people who are going to get this treatment to understand that it’s very costly and there’s a lot of risks associated with it,” he was quoted as saying by the ABC on Thursday.

“There are a lot more costs associated with this treatment than it would cost.”

“We’re hopeful that they will come out of this one, but if they don’t then we will still be in business.”

Dr McInnsons group has been working with health authorities in the state of Queensland to help with the development of the drugs.

“If they come out, it’s great for the community and we can continue to do our work,” he added.

Dr McIngnes said the Queensland government’s decision to stop the ETCD drug development plan was “very disappointing”.

“I think that it shows that the Queensland Government is not taking the right decisions with regards to this,” he commented.

“I believe it’s a bad decision, and it shows the Queensland Governments lack of commitment to the people of Queensland.”

The state’s Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has told the media that the EFS patients will be treated under the new drugs and that it will be up to the states to determine when and how the drugs should be used.

She said the move will give the patients more time to “get on with their lives”.

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