How to save yourself from the dreaded ‘I-know-it-all’

How to save yourself from the dreaded ‘I-know-it-all’

The more you know, the better you are at it.

And you might just be able to save someone from their own I-know, too.

If you’re like many people, you know how it feels to be told something is wrong, to be accused of something, or to feel the need to know all about it.

So how can you help someone avoid being accused of everything and feel more confident knowing you know what they’re doing?


Do what you know is right 1.1 Know you know more than others 1.2 Know what you’re doing 1.3 Have facts in your back pocket 1.4 Know how to read an exam 1.5 Have a backup plan for when you need to be reminded of a mistake 2.

Don’t believe everything you read 2.1 Ignore the evidence 2.2 Do what your doctor says 2.3 Don’t listen to someone who’s telling you the truth 3.

Don,t give up 3.1 Be patient 3.2 Be patient and understand your body 4.

Donate or buy the supplies required for your treatment 5.

Have your loved ones present at the appointment 5.1 Don’t assume that they know everything you need 6.

Don only do what you feel comfortable doing 7.

Don the right thing for your health 8.

Be aware of the dangers of not being proactive 8.1 Take responsibility for yourself 8.2 Don’t be afraid to admit mistakes 9.

Follow a plan and follow through 10.

Follow the guidelines provided 10.1 Listen to the experts 11.

Be prepared for the worst 11.2 Take a moment to think about what happened on the day you were diagnosed with an illness 12.

Recognize the symptoms you experience and how you can prevent them 13.

Don´t put your trust in someone who doesn´t have the same understanding as you 14.

Don�t take it personally if someone you trust says you don’t have the time or the skills to get the care you need 15.

Know the signs of a serious illness 16.

Ask your doctor if you should be tested 17.

Get help when you are ill 18.

Be accountable for your actions 19.

Read all of the information in the articles below.1.

Know you have a chronic illness2.

Know what your symptoms are3.

Know your body4.

Know when to ask for help when something goes wrong5.

Know that your health care provider is in your corner6.

Know how your symptoms affect you7.

Know about the treatment options available for chronic illnesses8.

Know where to turn for support when you have difficulty in meeting your doctor’s needs9.

Know if your symptoms can be cured10.

Know which tests to use11.

Know to ask questions about symptoms12.

Know why you should not be put on a ventilator14.

Know who can prescribe you medications15.

Know of any other things you should know about chronic illnesses16.

Be a role model17.

Know yourself and others18.

Be supportive of yourself19.

Get the information you need for effective health care20.

Know all the facts you need21.

Be honest and transparent in your treatment decisions22.

Donot take any medication for chronic conditions23.

Don\’t be afraid of asking questions24.

Know in advance how you will respond to your doctor or health care professional25.

Take responsibility when you feel pressured to make a decision26.

Be willing to learn the facts and facts alone27.

Be the change you want to see in the world28.

Don`t make the mistake of blaming others for your problems29.

Be mindful of the effects of the medications you take30.

Take care of yourself with care and dignity31.

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by pain and illness32.

Donít give yourself a bad name33.

Recognise when you should ask questions34.

Be present with your health when your health needs are greatest35.

Keep in touch with your doctor when you want help36.

Know other people with chronic conditions and their treatment options37.

Know their strengths and challenges38.

Know a local community health center39.

Know it is a personal choice to take medications for your symptoms40.

Know and respect your own body41.

Know they can be taken away from you42.

Know medical terminology43.

Know medications are safe and effective44.

Know someone who is able to help you45.

Be patient in getting treatment46.

Be open and transparent with your doctors and health care professionals47.

Be concerned with the quality of your treatment and the way you are treated48.

Be respectful of the medical professionals and healthcare professionals in your community49.

Don t give up on someone you love50.

Be consistent and considerate of your loved one51.

Be understanding and open to new experiences52.

Be ready to take risks53.

Know each person and their medical history54.

Be careful with medications and treatments55.

Know exactly what they are being treated56.

Know everything you should and should

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