Tourette’s: This is a medication that treats Tourette Syndrome

Tourette’s: This is a medication that treats Tourette Syndrome

A new treatment for Tourette syndrome has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treatment of a condition that has affected millions of Americans for decades.

The new treatment, called Tourette medications, uses a chemical known as bromocriptine to treat the condition, which is a mild form of Tourette spectrum disorder.

Tourette medication has been around for more than a century and was originally developed to treat Tourette-NOS syndrome, a disorder that affects people with autism spectrum disorders, but also affects people who have other disorders that are not included in Tourette.

A study published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology showed that bromacriptine can treat Tourettes with improved cognitive function and improved emotional regulation.

The FDA approved the treatment, also known as Bromocryptine, for patients ages 6 to 25.

It will be available in the United States in July for $13,000 a month.

Treatment with bromaclone, a chemical used to treat flu and other illnesses, was also approved in 2015.

It is used to help control anxiety and is not approved for use to treat people with Tourette or other mental disorders.

The New England Journal of Medicine reported that a study published earlier this year showed that patients with Touretteson were about 20 percent less likely to need to take medication for the condition.

In a statement, the FDA said the use of bromodexan, a bromic acid compound, will improve the ability of the medication to reduce side effects and may prevent other side effects, such as tinnitus.

It is also possible to use bromoacetate, a medication used to combat other conditions, to treat this condition, the statement said.

The medications also can help patients manage symptoms such as sleep disturbance and social distancing, the agency said.

“There is no currently accepted therapy for this condition,” the FDA added.

“In addition to improving cognitive function, the use with bronclodine and bromobenzidine may improve social interaction, self-efficacy, and the ability to manage other health issues.”

This article was originally published by Vice News.

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