Why is a new drug being tested on the opioid crisis?

Why is a new drug being tested on the opioid crisis?

Health experts are urging the Trump administration to use the opioid emergency declaration to create an additional $50 million to test drugs for the drug’s effects on addiction and mental health, and a second, $100 million effort to combat opioid overdoses.

The drugs are being tested in an effort to test whether they can be used to treat the opioid epidemic.

The emergency declaration allows the U.S. to declare a national emergency and set up an emergency response to the crisis.

It can also create a public health emergency, which is similar to the powers granted under the 1906 Antiquities Act.

It’s been used to combat a number of infectious diseases including dengue fever, and Ebola.

The federal government has already used the declaration to spend $1.8 billion on opioid treatment.

It would likely spend a lot more to use that power in order to test the drugs for potential health risks.

The drug companies have already been testing the drugs in other countries to see if they can treat the epidemic.